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Stringing A Guitar

As you play more and more it becomes more apparent that, to get the desired tone, you have to have fresh strings. Therefore stringing a guitar properly quickly becomes a necessary skill to all guitar players if they want to keep their tone alive. Obviously the more you play, the more you need to change strings. After all they do get worn out. Strings can go from a bright resonance to a dull thud if not changed in a timely manner. Your style of playing, how often you play, and even how you store your guitar are some of the main factors that determine how long your guitar strings last. The process of stringing a guitar becomes very easy after it’s done a few times. No matter if you’re stringing an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar the process is pretty much the same.[/well]

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How To String A Guitar – Tutorial


As you can see stringing a guitar really doesn’t take very long, and is quite simple. Remember that new strings will stretch for a short time after they are put on and tightened up so you will need to re-tune a few times until they have adjusted.


Now that you have the fundamentals of stringing a guitar you can learn more about:


AWESOME Tool for Stringing Your Guitar

Here is a tool that I highly recommend and it WILL help you string a guitar much more quickly and efficiently. This tool is great because it has multiple tools built into one. It is a string cutter, winder, and bridge pin puller and it also fits virtually every guitar, banjo, and mandolin…all in one tool so you don’t have to carry around multiple items just to restring your guitar.





…and also my all-time favorite acoustic guitar strings



There are many tools and strings out there so be sure to find what fits you the best.

If you would like a picture approach to show how to string a guitar click here.[/well]

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