Easy way to learn guitar

Unfortunately there isn’t really an easy way to learn guitar, but certainly there are some methods which prove better than others. It’s easy to get intimidated when thinking of all there is to learn. After all, there has to be a best way to learn to play guitar; that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy. The thing is everyone’s different and a technique that works for one may not work for another. There are some good write ups on these matters. Here is a good, short, overview concerning guitar for beginners from the pros at Guitar Tricks- Guitar For Beginners . Continuous practice is necessary to get the techniques down. Again, here is another great write up concerning learning guitar technique- Essential Guitar Techniques

Following are some pointers to keep in mind when you’re practicing.

Online ResourcesGuitar Tricks Free Trial

Many online resources exist which claim to have the best or easy way to learn guitar. Practice and a truly good teaching method are the essential ingredients in making one into a maestro and there is no escaping this fact. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is one major online platform that can make your learning EXPONENTIALLY easier. I HIGHLY recommend at least taking the FREE trial from Guitar Tricks.

Let’s look at Guitar Tricks for a minute.


-It’s a step by step learning system designed to make learning guitar easy.

-There are over 11,000 guitar lessons, more than anywhere else.

-Guitar Tricks has taught over 2.2 million people how to play guitar, more than most other guitar lesson sites combined.

They offer a FREE trial, HOW CAN YOU LOSE? If you don’t like it, don’t buy the membership!- Click HERE for the free trial


Guitar Tricks is easily one of the best ways to learn to play guitar because of all of the features and ease of use.



Ensure that your guitar is in good condition and properly tuned. After all, what is use of playing the right notes, yet the guitar sounds wrong!

guitar player header, easy way to learn guitarBe Aware Of Your Skill Level

You could end up frustrated if you begin at a high level. It is recommended to be easy in the beginning. An easy way to learn guitar is to start with old songs, strumming patterns etc and gradually increase the level until you feel confident enough to try out something more difficult and challenging. Patience, don’t get ahead of yourself.

Stick With What You Know

By this time I hope that you have figured out the basics and are all set to move to something more challenging. Find artists of your choice, with whom you are familiar and try to imitate parts of their songs. Books and sheet music are available in abundance and in my opinion this is the best way to learn to play guitar, because you are rewarded with a song that you enjoy playing.
Guitar Tricks Free Trial

The Fundamentals

If you’d like to focus more on the beginner guitar chords for now then be sure to read the home page. When learning to play the guitar it is important to learn the basics first. There is an easy way to learn guitar basics that is to research as much as you can online and in guitar instruction books, then attempt it yourself. Once you have learned the basic guitar skills you will find that more advanced riffs and chords will come easily to you.

Basics form the foundation so make it a point to learn them first when you begin. Research over the internet and going over guitar tutoring books is a good option and easy way to learn guitar basics. I’ve mentioned many times that you should try Guitar Tricks free trial as they have thousands of resources to help make learning guitar easier. Having acquired the basic guitar skills you will soon discover that you can pick up the more advanced riffs and chords without any hastles.



Movement is how your body relates to your instrument. Treat your instrument as part of your own self is a mantra of an easy way to learn guitar. Do not make any sharp or short movements but rather move in rhythm with your instrument.

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Making The Most Out Of A Lesson


This is a crucial factor and, if done right, will make it much more easy to learn guitar. A good option is to video tape your session, which you can anytime and improve on any weaknesses. Finding an easy way to learn guitar is possible and can be very rewarding. Make the most out of your lessons, whether they be online or with a teacher. Take notes and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need until you get the answer that helps you understand the problem. Most of all have fun, don’t take it too seriously as you will lose interest very quickly! Enjoy! It is certainly a fact that an easy way to learn guitar can be found and can be indeed rewarding. Extract the most out your lessons, no matter they are online or with a teacher. Take notes and do not hesitate to query at any point and until you get a helpful answer. Equally important is to have fun, don’t take it too seriously as this will cause you to lose interest pretty soon! Have fun!


Your focus and determination will be your greatest ally.



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Easy way to learn guitar
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