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Drop D Tuning

Drop D tuning is one of the most common alternate guitar tunings. It is a common alternate tuning for rock songs but has many other applications as well. And the best part is that it is very easy to accomplish. If you’re wanting to experiment with alternate tunings then Drop D tuning is probably the best place to start. There is only one change from standard tuning. domain list . All you need to do is “drop” the low E string one full step to a “D”. similar websites . That’s it. Pretty simple. So, your guitar should be tuned like DADGBE (instead of the standard tuning EADGBE).

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Drop D tuning allows a simple formation of bar chords on the bottom three strings. Remember, when we say bottom we are talking about the lower register strings.[/well]

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This short tutorial should help:


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You should be able to tell that when making 3 finger bar chords you can change extremely quickly using drop d tuning. This is the main reason so many rock guitarists use it. Keep in mind that when using drop D, as well as any other alternate tuning, that your chord formations and scales will also change. Any chord we were making with the low E string now can no longer use that string the same way. The good news is that when we are using this tuning we are ONLY changing the low E and everything else stays exactly the same. That’s another reason drop d tuning is a good place to start when exploring alternate tuning.


Reading this can give a more in depth look at drop d tuning.

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